Doremi Residency's Portfolio

Bess Martin

Playfulness gets lost as we develop intelligence but we’re always learning. I try to strike a balance in my work between adult intelligence and childlike curiosity. Recent works include ‘Under The Stairs’ – a series of 23 site specific, quick changing and often interactive 9 hour installations, ‘ChooseYour Own Adventure Gallery Tour’ – 250 handmade books created for the Vantage Art Prize 2013 (2nd place winner) and ‘It’s In Your Hands’ – a piece intentionally created so that just one individual would get the full interactive experience.

Live-a-bout. Red wine drinker. Mover. Maker of stuff. Thinker of ideas; often ridiculous and unfeasible. Cheese eater. Wannabe cat. Or dog. Not a knitter; yet. Smile wearer. Sofa sleeper. Accidental breaker of technology. If given an inch will take a mile but will aim to return the world. Not good at artist statements..

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