Doremi Residency's Portfolio

Lisa Risbec

"After completing a BA in photography and animation in 2005 and working for several years as an animator and photographer, I’ve been pursuing a practice in visual art and working as a freelance artist on various projects in the community. Most recently as lead artist on Cartwheel Art's 'Art for Wellbeing' project and as Studio Manager and Mentor for Pool Arts at their studio in Manchester.

My work is a visual recording and translation of my experience through drawing, a method of processing information and an outlet for my need to create order and visual harmony. Using diverse mediums such as collage, printmaking, assemblage, sculpture , photography and moving image.

I often explore the topography of a place and attempt to re-tell its recent history through a site specific study of form, line and colour. Sometimes through static sculptural forms, other times through moving image, paper based work or the written word, always preferring to work quickly and intuitively.

​I also use this process to explore ideas around social issues, mental health and wellbeing, how we communicate and how we can make change. I have become interested in Neurodiversity in art and as an artist managing a chronic illness, uncovering how we can bring visibility to our struggles with hidden illness and adapt our practice to succeed alongside able bodied artists."

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