Doremi Residency's Portfolio

Pippa Eason

"My practice is based around sculptural objects and their existence in the digital era. The exaggerated plethora of objects in one amalgamated form is the best way to give description to my current works. The excessive appearance of my current works is chosen as a way to articulate my absurd sightings in consumer society, as a flaneur. Alongside the sculptural forms, I make images and films of the forms themselves. The films/images of such works are made to articulate this absurdity further. The digital images are combined with the objects, showing their form, just in a warped, distorted layering of screen glitches, and time-lapse videos. These digital alter egos exist to challenge the real against the non real.

I use the screen as a way of creating another life form of the object I originally made. I use the screen as a signifier, a statement, and a theatrical response to reality. The screen is closing the gap between the object itself, and its counterpart- technology. We use technology to document our work, to show the work online, like a proud trophy, to gain likes, appreciation and potential reward. We move through life a break-neck pace, searching for newest, best, most hip devices. Fashion and technology are intertwined tightly, and I create strategies to combine these components."

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